• 2017 оны 4 сарын 19
  • 2016 оны 11 сарын 10
    Megyn Kelly had been booked on Live With Kelly long before election night, and despite having stayed up into the middle of the night co-anchoring Fox News’ coverage, she showed up, hand in hand with Ripa, on Wednesday morning. Megyn — I’ll call her by her first name to avoid the Kelly/Kelly...
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  • 2016 оны 3 сарын 23
    Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ TESO Corporation officially opened its representative office in China on March 14. Through the office, the corporation intends to reach out to, at first, the markets of Khukhkhot, Jining and Xilingol of China, where Inner Mongolians settle, and then, to deeper into Chinese...
  • 2015 оны 11 сарын 25
  • 2015 оны 10 сарын 9
    Five people in Oslo, all appointed by the Norwegian Parliament and all sworn to secrecy, already know who is winning the Nobel Peace Prize, to be announced on Friday.
  • 2015 оны 10 сарын 9
    The United Nations envoy for Libya has proposed the formation of a national unity government after months of difficult talks. Since 2014 Libya has had two rival governments - an Islamist-backed one in Tripoli and an internationally recognised government in the east.
  • 2015 оны 9 сарын 29
    The monastery located in 16 km west from Bornuur soum of Tuv province, at the front of Dalyn Khavtsal Mountain. Created by god’s painter G.Purevbat to practice meditation, to educate and create books. The monastery gate protected by Garuda griffin, which is laying its 8 eggs and a beaver with...
  • 2015 оны 9 сарын 6
    The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is an informal inter-governmental process of dialogue and cooperation based on equal partnership of Asian and European countries which addresses political, economic and socio-cultural issues of common interest as well as challenges confronting. Launched in 1996...
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